Walk Leaders & Nordic Walk Leaders

Nordic walkersHelp promote the health benefits of regular walking and get more people walking more often.  Walking is proven to be good for your heart, toning muscles, losing weight, giving you a sense of well-being and have a positive effect on your mood. Nordic walking is known to be especially good for health as it uses a technique that engages 90% of your major muscles and tones your upper body as well as your legs.  Nordic walking poles are planted behind you when you walk in order to propel you along, making you feel lighter on your feet.  You can burn 20-40% extra calories by using poles!

Walk leaders and Nordic Walkers typically:

  • Plan routes and risk assess them.
  • Lead a group of people on the planned walk.
  • Deal with any emergencies that may occur while on walks (training provided).

These are ideal roles for: Anyone who enjoys the outdoors, keeping active and socialising.

Time commitment:  You can choose how often and how long your walk is

Locations:  You can choose where you walk

Training: Volunteers for both roles will get full training on route planning, walking and health.  Nordic Walkers will also get training in the correct technique for Nordic Walking.  Both roles will get full support from the Sport & Physical Activity team.


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