MENtors front pageIn the last year we have been looking at an initiative that may help young men.

This initiative is no longer taking referrals, but we will publish some information about our findings here shortly.

There are some young men who are significantly more at risk of negative outcomes during times of change in their life. This could be from:

  • leaving statutory care to living independently
  • being in education or training to working full time or looking for work
  • leaving the armed forces
  • being without ties to being a young father
  • engaging in risky and negative behaviours to trying to make positive life choices

These young men would significantly benefit from having the influence of an older mentor, who could work with them to build their confidence and help set personal goals.


The MENtors initiative looked for volunteers to:

  • be independent mentors to young men, in particular male volunteers who may have faced adversity in their past and can help build the confidence and broaden the horizons of young men who just need someone to believe that they can help themselves
  • act as hosts, planners, facilitators or co-ordinators of positive group activities

Through MENtors we want to see and measure that young men who are experiencing change feel more skilled, confident, prepared and optimistic for their future.

We wanted to see young men:

  • with raised aspirations and self-confidence
  • more likely to be consistently engaging in work, employment or training that they have chosen
  • be less likely to be engaging in harmful or risky behaviours
  • applying their life skills and coping strategies to their lives and relationships

We are no longer taking referrals for mentors or mentees to this initiative, but if you are interested in finding out more about our pilot and research, do get in contact:

Young men outcomes



Young men in Kirklees (PDF)

The MENtors Initiative (PDF)

Young men in transition – infographic (PDF)


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One thought on “MENtors

  • June 18, 2015 at 12:54 pm

    I am 49 and found myself in the system 20 years ago. I have recently finished a six month payed contract with West Yorkshire Probation as a Service User Involvement Coordinator and i gained Skills in, Drug Awareness, Child Exploitation, Dealing with difficult situations, Managing Anger, Mentoring, Diversity and others that have given me a great awareness of the social problems faced by young people today.
    I believe that mentoring is a great start to youngsters finding the right path, but equally getting them involved in the system is essential to getting the younger generation back into work or education.

    Alan Messam


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