Spring into Action with Microvolunteering

Today is International Microvolunteering Day. To celebrate our guest blogger Val from Volunteering Kirklees shares how you can get involved.


Isn’t spring a wondSpringerful time?  The birds are singing, the flowers are starting to bloom, the sun is shining and you know summer is just around the corner!  Doesn’t all that make you feel good, energised and raring to go?  ‘Spring into Action’ is a campaign we have launched which lets you channel this feel good energy to making a difference in your community through microvolunteering.


For those not familiar with microvolunteering, it’s all about helping out for a short period of time with no long term commitment.  Opportunities available this spring range from helping to maintain the wonderful Trans Pennine Trail to helping to ensure runners have a great run.  Our full list of opportunities can be found here


If none of these take your fancy there are other ways you can help out.  Happy Hour is a place where you can find other microvolunteering opportunities available across Kirklees.  You can access current opportunities by clicking the link here.  If you don’t see anything that takes your fancy through either of these sites you can sign up here to be informed of future opportunities.


If you have skills that would make a difference to groups in Kirklees but haven’t been able to match them to an opportunity listed, why not offer them on Comoodle?  Comoodle is a platform where you can share your stuff space and skills with your community.  Register your skills here



Why not put a spring in your step by making adifference to people in Kirkleesmicrovolunteering day is 15th April every year

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