Make a difference… in just an hour

Chris and Ashley

Chris and Ashley… ready to help you find your Happy Hour for microvolunteering

Can you make a difference in just an hour? YES you can!

To celebrate International Microvolunteering Day (yes, it’s a real day, read more here: Chris Stephen (Volunteering Kirklees) and Ashley Lucas (Kirklees Council) have collaborated to bring you this handy insight into all things ‘micro’ in volunteering.

I’m In -  is encouraging everyone to give at least one hour of their time this year to make a difference in our communities. As today is International Microvolunteering Day we thought we would take this chance to show how easy it can be to volunteer and make a difference.

For those not familiar with microvolunteering it is about helping out for a short period of time (anything between a single minute to four hours) with no long term commitment involved. In fact it is sometimes called ‘volunteer in your pyjamas’ because it includes some opportunities to volunteer you can even do from your own home.

What excites us about microvolunteering is that it provides everyone with the opportunity to volunteer.  In our modern society we often feel we have less free time to ourselves due to work commitments, family life and studying amongst other things.  Trying to fit time for volunteering in to all the other demands our free time means, in all honesty, that it can sometimes be way down on the priority list.

Microvolunteering is creating opportunities even the most busy people can take up and help make a difference. Over the next year we are hoping to help groups and organisations develop more “micro” opportunities, and if your group would like help or inspiration with that then contact either Chris or Ash, we’d be happy to help.

Opportunities you could sign up for today, include:

– things you can do from home at any time of day or night – like reviewing websites to ensure they are user friendly

– things you can do solo or with a group of friends – like organising clothes for a charity shop so they are aware of stock levels

– things that will get you active and outdoors – like creating footpaths to allow more people to take in our beautiful Kirklees scenery.


It will only take 2 minutes to look through the whole list here:

In the spirit of micro that’s it from us and we hope this year you give just one hour to make a lasting difference.

Chris and Ashley


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