Alex’s story – volunteering at the Oxfam Warehouse

Alex at the Oxfam Online Wareshouse

“Anyone can be useful…”

19 year old Alex is a volunteer at the Oxfam Online Warehouse in Batley, and supported through the Kirklees Council Gateway Volunteer programme.  Currently unemployed, he is hoping to use the skills and confidence he is developing to help him into paid work.

Here’s what Alex says about volunteering at Oxfam:

“I’ve been volunteering here 7 or 8 months. My sister suggested I start volunteering. I dropped out of college and wasn’t doing anything, I was just at home with my family. I wasn’t sure at first but it has worked out.

“Everyone is really nice: the employees and the other volunteers. I take photographs of clothes so that they can be listed on the Oxfam website and sold. I take photos and edit them. I started to take photos on my phone as a hobby and I have learnt lots about photography.

“The biggest impact I make is making it easier for people to find and buy all the great stuff Oxfam has to offer. It’s amazing to think that my photos make sure Oxfam has funding to do their work and help people all over the world. I would like to get a full time job. I have a learning disability, so I hope this will help my CV and give me a better chance of getting a job. I would like to be a waiter or do stocking of goods.

“I was shy and volunteering has helped with my confidence and communication. It gives you a little kick to start off in life. If you are struggling, I would say go and volunteer. It will help. Anyone can be useful.”

Alex’s volunteering impact:

100s… more products easily accessible to Oxfam shoppers

£s… more potential income for Oxfam


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