Terry’s story – being a volunteer PAL

PALs mobility class

“They believe me when I tell them…”

Terry, 63 is a volunteer Physical Activity Motivator, part of PALs – Practice Activity and Leisure Scheme, aimed at less mobile individuals whose GP has recommended that they increase their physical activity.

Here’s what Terry says about being a volunteer PAM:

“I became a volunteer 10 years ago, a year after suffering a stroke. What I went through is what made me come back and volunteer, but I think because I’ve been there means I get where people are coming from – right when they are just at the start of it.

“It has really helped improve my quality of life – I am now active and my strength, balance and co-ordination have improved. The stroke didn’t beat me, I am now fitter than I have ever been and really enjoy been able to help and encourage others to become more active.

“I work in the gym with people who have health problems. Most of the gym staff are young and fit – they can’t really understand the difficulties people have in doing some of the most simple things. I do.

“They believe me when I tell them, if I could get myself back to fitness, they can too. I’m literally living proof that PALS works. Someone I worked with said to me: “I’d be in a wheelchair now if I hadn’t come here, and now look at me!” That’s the biggest impact I make.”

Terry’s volunteering impact:

1000s… of people with reduced complations from heart disease, lower blood pressure, improved recovery from strokes

1000s… of people with improved mobility, reduced chronic pain and better quality of life managing chronic health conditions

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